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Do You Have Whiplash From An Auto Accident? Signs You Need A Chiropractor

Whiplash is a common auto accident injury, usually treated by a chiropractor once it's diagnosed. While most people recognize the quick back-and-forth jolting motion of their head in an auto accident that indicates whiplash, others may not. There is actually a chance that you have suffered from an auto injury requiring chiropractic care and not realized it.

Since untreated whiplash can lead to pain and inflammation in the body and make symptoms and pain worse over time, it's best to recognize all signs of this type of neck and spinal injury. Any car accident should result in a visit to the chiropractor to see if any auto injury care is needed. Here are signs you have whiplash, even if your auto accident was a while ago.

Frequent new headaches

Whiplash can cause you to get headaches because of minor adjustment needs in the spine or shoulders. If you have sudden, frequent headaches that are in the back of your head or surrounding the back of your head and going into your jaw and you've been in a recent automobile accident, you may have whiplash. Visit your chiropractor for care to see if this is the case.

Pain when moving your neck in any direction

The rapid back-and-forth or slamming motion that happens even in a low-impact automobile accident can result in whiplash symptoms. Sometimes the pain and inflammation of the whiplash don't go away and instead worsen, leading to a stiff back and upper shoulders or even pain when moving the neck rapidly in any direction. Any pain that involves moving your neck, even slightly, should be addressed by a chiropractor.

Uneven shoulders or upper spine

Severe whiplash can cause your spine and neck bones to become out of alignment, even if it's only slight. This can cause your posture to change or make your shoulders look uneven. You can receive auto injury chiropractic care for any automobile accident-related injury, particularly one that is common like whiplash.

It often takes more than one treatment at your chiropractic center to take care of your whiplash symptoms. Over time, the pain and swelling will go down and the range of motion that you lost in your auto injury should return. Your whiplash symptoms often won't go away on their own, so if you suspect you have this type of automobile injury, seek chiropractic care right away. Your chiropractor will give you custom care for your specific needs.

To learn more, contact a medical center that offers auto injury chiropractic care.