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Know What Happens When You Visit a Chiropractor for the First Time

Are you experiencing pain throughout the joints or muscles of your body and looking for help? If so, a chiropractor could be the answer that you are looking for. While a chiropractor may seem a bit intimidating, it will help to understand what will happen during your first chiropractic appointment.


Once you finish all of the paperwork, you'll have an examination. The doctor will ask you various questions about your medical history, which include what previous injuries you have had, what medical problems run in your family, and even what medications you are currently taking. They want to get an overview of your health that could potentially impact the pain you are experiencing.

You'll then have a physical examination. A doctor is going to do things that test your range of motion to see how you are having problems moving. They'll test your stability to see how your joints are able to support your body. You'll have your limbs stretched in different directions so that you can relay what is painful and what feels normal. The goal is to see how your body moves and what your restrictions are.

In some situations, a doctor may recommend x-rays to see what is going on inside your body. This can help identify curvatures of the spine that are causing pain, or see parts of your body that are misaligned. In some situations, an MRI may be requested to get a more detailed look.


The doctor will likely perform the first adjustment on your body that same day. The goal of the first adjustment will be to go lightly to see how your body reacts to the adjustments. Much like when you start exercising, you do not want to go full force right away. Going too hard with the adjustments at first can leave you in a lot of pain, and potentially scare you away from returning to their office. Be aware that you will feel some pops and hear some cracks, but it is completely normal and expected.

Some techniques that the doctor may use include soft tissue therapy, which is a special massage technique that will help relieve pain in your musculoskeletal system. Cryotherapy can also be used, which is the method of treating pain with cold temperatures. 

Going to a chiropractor can end up giving you a lot of relief from long term pain that you are experiencing on a daily basis. Meet with a local chiropractor for a consultation so that you can learn everything they can do for you.