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Types Of Auto Accident-Related Pain Chiropractors Treat

While many chiropractic physicians treat whiplash injuries, auto accident chiropractic care often includes treatments for other types of painful injuries. While many injuries sustained in auto accidents heal relatively quickly, others can take years of intense physical therapy, occupational therapy, and chiropractic care before they heal. Here are some types of auto accident-related painful injuries that your chiropractor can treat.

Knee Injuries

Hitting the dashboard or seats with your knee can cause severe injuries and pain. Whether your knee injury is from a torn ligament, a sprain, dislocated kneecap, or severe contusion, your chiropractic physician can help you feel better fast.

Delaying treatment for knee injuries can result in permanent disability, gait abnormalities, and severe pain. It may also increase your need for orthopedic procedures such as joint replacement surgery. Chiropractors can treat your knee pain with therapeutic massage, ice and heat treatments, and physical therapy, which will help you recover faster, regain strength, and enhance joint function.

If your primary care physician recommends surgery for your knee injury, talk to your chiropractor first to learn how non-invasive treatment options can help. Surgery does not guarantee a successful outcome, and in some cases, may even worsen your condition.

Lumbar Pain

Also known as low back pain, lumbar pain may be the result of an auto accident. Many lumbar injuries do not get better without proper treatment such as chiropractic care. An effective chiropractic treatment for lumbar pain is manual spinal manipulation.

It is effective for muscle strains, sprains, and herniated discs. Chiropractic massage, including deep tissue massage, is another effective treatment option for lumbar pain. It helps relax the muscles and restore mobility. Severe lower back pain from an auto accident can interfere with sleep.

Massage helps promote sleep by allowing your body to release pain-inhibiting chemicals such as dopamine and endorphins. The combination of spinal manipulation therapy, massage, physical therapy, and even nutritional counseling can restore function even in the most painful lower back injuries. Severe lumbar pain resulting from a motor vehicle accident can cause long-term disability. Because of this, physicians sometimes prescribe narcotic-based pain medications.

While effective for short-term treatment, narcotic pain medication is not recommended for long-term use because of the risk of side effects and addiction. Also, pain medications do little to treat the root cause of pain, unlike chiropractic care.

If you sustain a knee or back injury as a result of an auto accident, see your chiropractor. After a comprehensive spinal examination, your doctor will develop an individualized auto accident chiropractic care treatment plan so that you can feel better as soon as possible.