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Getting Car Accident Chiropractic Treatment to Treat Whiplash and Booty Pain

If you've been involved in a serious auto accident, getting a treatment that accounts for any pain suffering you sustained can help get your life back to normal. Here are some of the ways that car accident chiropractic care can help relieve your pain and suffering.


Acute trauma to the neck and spine are common in auto accidents. Your car accident chiropractic care specialist can help restore mobility and relieve whiplash pain with a few simple treatments.

Adjusting to the Restrictions: When joints, ligaments, and tendons endure sudden acceleration and deceleration, they can be like a derailed trains—off-kilter and stuck in place. Although stretching against the immobility to "work out the kinks" can be natural, they are about as effective as stretching out a rubber band. You auto accident chiropractor can make adjustments toward the tightness your feeling. By working toward the tension, they'll allow your joints, ligaments, and tendons to reset back into a more natural alignment.

Relaxation and Stimulation: Your auto accident chiropractor can treat whiplash by electronically stimulating and massaging the areas where tension manifests. This electronic stimulation activates nerves and muscles with pulses of mild electric currents. This pattern of stimulation and relaxation can allow your whiplash tension to release like a bud opening into a flower on a sunny day. Additionally, your chiropractor can send you home with a messaging pad that you can lay on when you feel your whiplash symptoms flaring up.

Booty Pain

If you're reading this while sitting down, you're sitting on your body's strongest muscle. When your booty (glute muscles) sustain trauma in an auto accident, it can set off a chain reaction if issues in your body.

Activation: Your chiropractor can test your glute strength by testing whether they're activating properly. In many cases, a lack of activation shows that your body is disproportionally relying on your hips, hamstrings, and/or lower back muscles to perform simple motions like squatting, walking, or pivoting. If your auto accident chiropractor discovers limited activation in your glutes, they can teach you a series of activation exercises you can use every day to restore your butt's strength.

Hip and Pelvic Tilt Adjustments: When your glutes aren't functional, your hips can be misaligned. Your chiropractor can measure your hip height and pelvic tilt spot any imbalances that might be caused by your glute trauma. Once identified, they can adjust both your hip height and pelvic tilt to relieve tension in your backside.