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Chiropractor Care For Muscle Spams Caused By An Auto Accident

A car accident can produce a multitude of injuries, even some that you cannot see. For some people, these hidden injuries show up in the form of a muscle spasm. Muscle spasms can strike at any point and cause enough pain and discomfort that it can feel like a challenge to navigate through the day. If you experience this pain, a chiropractor can offer both short and long-term care to help you recover.

Immediate Care

The goal of immediate care is to provide you with quick relief for the discomfort the muscle spasms are causing you. What this relief looks like is largely based on the type of injury that has caused this concern. So, you can expect the chiropractor to perform a full examination before prescribing an immediate relief care plan. 

However, for most auto accident induced scenarios, some form of massage is often provided. Muscle spasms are commonly the result of inflammation, and a professional massage technique can help minimize this inflammation to provide a sense of relief.

Reparative Care

Once the condition has become more manageable and the pain you experience has been minimized, the next phase of your chiropractor treatment plan will probably involve reparative care. As it sounds, the goal of reparative care is to correct whatever injury was caused during the accident that has led to your muscle discomfort.

As part of this reparative care, you might still receive massage treatments, but you might also be introduced to stretching exercises that can help strengthen the damaged muscles. The chiropractor might also have you engage in posture stabilizing exercises to help minimize the amount of pressure you are putting on the affected muscle. 

Continual Care

An important thing to remember about auto accident injuries is that the road to recovery is not one you can expect to master overnight. It is a process. For this reason, even after you have begun to receive reparative treatment, it is common to also engage in continual treatment to help you maintain your recovery gains.

Generally, this type of treatment is not given as frequently as the first two stages but can be continued for a long period until any sign of the injury is absent your body and your life has returned to normal.

You do not have to stay in pain. Speak to an auto injury expert like your local chiropractor to help with your auto accident treatment, relieve your discomfort, and aid you in recovering from your injuries.