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Recommendations Your Chiropractor Might Have To Help Your Neck Pain

Neck pain is a common complaint. You'll probably have neck stiffness, soreness, or pain at some point. The pain can be caused by a sudden injury, chronic irritation of neck tissues, sleeping at an odd angle, or poor posture.

Some types of neck pain go away on their own with time and rest. Other types of pain are severe or they persist for a long time. See a chiropractor when you have neck pain so you can get proper treatment and relief. Here are some common treatments that might help.

Neck Massage

Massaging the back and neck might reduce pain since massages help relax tense muscles. Deep tissue massages can even break up scars that contribute to pain. A massage can help with muscle spasms, stiffness, and pain from poor posture. However, your chiropractor wants to understand the reason for your neck condition before beginning treatment since treatments for a neck joint problem might be different from treatments for a muscle problem.

Chiropractic Adjustments

In some cases, a chiropractic adjustment might be needed. Adjusting your spine could have an effect on your neck since joints out of alignment can affect your body in places you might not expect, such as your hands, legs, or neck. Your chiropractor is careful to protect your neck so you don't experience any discomfort during the adjustment. You might need several adjustments spread out over weeks to help chronic neck pain or to help with healing after an injury.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can sometimes help with neck pain by balancing muscles in your neck. You might be taught stretching exercises to help with tight muscles and strengthening exercises to help with weak muscles. Consistent use of exercises at home is necessary to get results. Physical therapy can help with healing and also work to prevent future problems with your neck, especially when the exercise helps improve your posture.

Hot Or Cold Treatments

Your chiropractor might recommend treatments that use hot or cold temperatures to relieve pain and speed healing. Heat can be applied with a heating pad at home or with ultrasound or some other technology at the chiropractor's office. Cold treatments can help with swelling, and you might be encouraged to use ice packs on your neck at home.


In some cases, your chiropractor might recommend wearing a neck brace temporarily. You might wear a soft collar that stabilizes your neck or a neck stretcher that puts your neck in traction. These devices are not generally used for the long term since they can make your neck weak, but they can help provide pain relief during the short term when you need it.

For more information, reach out to a local chiropractor, such as Eric Schmetterling DC.